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Ferret Shelters in Vermont

Director: James Hart
Rutland, VT
802 236-8151
To give all the fuzzies a better chance at a peaceful fun life.

Dog & Cat Shelters in Vermont

3524 Laporte Road
Morrisville, VT 05661

North Country Animal League began as the Lamoille County Adoption Service in 1990. Founder Jan Gordon Stangel used her own funds to finance the service and found homes for nearly 150 companion animals in her first three years. With growing recognition of the thousands of animals needing help, Jan and the volunteers involved in her adoption service sought 501(C3) nonprofit status in 1994 and with this, Lamoille County Humane Society (LCHS) was born.

During its first three years in operation, LCHS adopted close to 400 animals per year. In 1996, the board voted to change the name to North Country Animal League (NCAL). This name more accurately embodies the inclusive philosophy of everyone involved with our mission. With great support from the community, NCAL has adopted over 6,000 animals since 1994. Through the geneosity of local veterinarians, and support from volunteers and adopters, every adopted animal has been spayed or neutered.

In 1999, NCAL became a "limited-access" facility, meaning NCAL no longer euthanizes animals in our care to make room for incoming animals. When our shelter is full, we maintain a waiting list. Since we conduct an average of 2 adoptions/day, kennel space opens weekly. NCAL will only euthanize animals due to terminal illness or for aggression that cannot be modified through behavioral training. Since we have initiated this policy, adoptions have increased and today the average stay for an animal in our facility is only 15 days.