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Ferret Shelters in Kentucky

Villa Hills, KY 41017
The Ferret Villa Shelter, Inc. 501c3 is a residential shelter located in Northern Kentucky in the Greater Cincinnati area. You will find us listed with the American Ferret Association and Support Our Shelters Organization. Transportation of ferrets is another activity provided. Cindy serves as a board member of F.E.R.R.E.T. (Ferret, Emergency, Response, Rescue & Evacuation Team), as well as other ferret groups and organizations.

We opened our doors in 2003 to assist other shelters that were overcrowded. As time went on we began to work with Kenton County Animal Shelter, which is a kill shelter in picking up any ferret that is turned into their Shelter. Our goals are simple: To prevent ferrets from being unnecessarily euthanized in county animal shelters. Ferrets are accepted from county shelters and private individuals. Our mission is to serve ferrets by finding them a loving, safe, happy and permanent home. In the course of the last few years, due to the down turn in the economy, some ferrets with extreme health concerns have been surrendered to the Shelter. This has created an enormous vet bill which continues to grow as our ferrets are seen on a regular basis as well.

Kentuckiana Ferret Haven

5316 Drifton Drive
Louisville, Kentucky 40241
Kentuckiana Ferret Haven was established in 1999 in the NW Chicago Suburbs and later relocating to Louisville KY. As of July 2010, just a few over 1000 ferrets have come through our doors.After many years of having a physical shelter located in a private residence, we are working towards housing our "Adoptable" ferrets at various PetSmart locations where we have relationships as a PetSmart Charities Adoption Partner.

For those ferrets who are elderly or sick, we are working towards developing a network of foster homes where these ferrets can live out their golden years while enjoying the love and care from their forever foster families.

Kentuckiana Ferret Haven specializes in the long-term care of ferrets who are often overlooked by potential adopters, those who are older or have medical conditions.

Louisville, KY
This sanctuary is named after the first ferret I adopted from a shelter. Sephy came from the 2007 DMK Ohio Rescue.

To provide long term care and a safe place for ferrets that have medical needs or are elderly. We provise daily care as well as medical care to all for the duration of their lives.

Donation items needed for daily care:
Paper towels, Simply Green, trash bags, wood pellet liter, newspapers, puppy pads.

Foods: Zupreem, any Total Ferret dry kibble, orginal Marshalls, taste of the wild, core, Wysong. Special food for sick kids are Gerber chicken baby food, Nupro supplement, Totally Ferret complete supplement, whole chickens.

Tax deductible donations can be made by Paypal to petsforlife77@yahoo.com. This money will go towards medical needs. Donations can also be made to our vet at:
Shively Animal Clinic
502 778-8317 or 502 608-7790
2401 Dixie Highway
Louisville, Ky 40216

Dog & Cat Shelters in Kentucky

PO Box 1133
Blountsville, AL 35031
No-kill animal sanctuary and rehabilitation center located on 144 acres in beautiful North Central Alabama.

To alleviate the suffering of animals.
Providing sanctuary or referral to appropriate facilities.
Educating the public to the plight of animals and their needs.
Promoting compassion and humane treatment for all animals.
Encouraging compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws and animal welfare statutes.

A 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill animal sanctuary and rehabilitation center located on 144 acres in beautiful North Central Alabama.

General Information
Over the years, as a no-kill facility, we have had a steadily growing population of "un-adoptables"...the ones that were passed over in the adoption process, for whatever reason. We are now housing 80+ dogs in a true sanctuary environment. Many of these dogs are over 7 years old. Please help us continue to provide them with a wonderful place to live out their lives.