Join the Fight

We will not always agree completely with the actions of organizations, but even when considering those groups whose policies we cannot personally support, if they contribute to the overall cause of defending animals, we have something in common with them. We don't have to support every action by an organization to recognize those common goals.

Each individual makes their own choices. Some support animal defense causes to protect our wildlife. Some focus on abandoned pets. Others work to encourage healthy, humane livestock management. Some work for humane treatment of animals while choosing to wear fur...or eat meat. Others abstain. We can all help each other despite our differences.

For the sake of the lives involved, we can each set aside our differences and join hands to work together.

Efforts linked include educational materials as well as access to government and facillity petitions.

Wildlife Defense

There are so many critical needs in this world. Is there time in your day to help save an entire species? It takes a couple of minutes to sign a petition, email a congressman, post a link on a social network, or share the needs with a friend.
Defenders of Wildlife
ForceChange Petitions
World Animal Foundation
Wildlife Conservation Society
The Nature Conservancy
World Wildlife Fund
Natural Resources Defense Council
The Sierra Club
International Crane Foundation
Blue Voice
Take Part
Japan's Yearly Dolphin Slaughter
Bear With Us Sanctuary and Rehabilitation
Wolf Watcher
The Wolf Army

Companion Animal Rescue

Rescuers are volunteers. They give safety, health care, and love to abandoned and often abused animals. What can you do to help? Can you donate to a good shelter? Many can't. If you can't donate, can you volunteer? If you can't volunteer, can you share an abandoned pet's info on your favorite social network?...and encourage your friends to share it forward? You might feel that is no help. There's much proof otherwise. Rather than tell you about rescue successes due to one person...doing one thing...Watch Stanley's story from 2010.

There! Now that you see that you can for rescue shelters in each state. Adopt - and save a life. A dog. A cat. A ferret. Though their previous human family abandoned them, they have not given up on humans.

Humane & Responsible Treatment of Companion Animals

Don't Bully My Breed
Against Cruelty

Humane Treatment of Livestock

Those of us who include meat in our diet seldom know how livestock is farmed. The vast majority of meat available in the U.S. is raised in such over-crowded confinement areas that it is standard practice to feed them antibiotics to minimize loss. The growing controversy over antibiotic and hormone treated livestock shows that the American consumer is beginning to wake up and see the peril to their own health! Inhumane and unhealthy practices simply to raise an already substantial profit margin by a few dollars in unconscionable.

Humane Farming Association
American Humane Association
Sustainable Table
Meat Without Drugs