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Ferret Shelters in Louisianna

Director: James Falkner
Baton Rouge, LA
225 663-9466
Woogs usually come to us for a few specific reasons; somebody bought one and it was more trouble than they thought, the woog bites, they don't get along with the other pets or children, they're too messy, etc…
Recently, I have had a rash of woogs that have been found loose in the wild.
One just wandered in the back door of some people's house in Pumpkin Center, wandered around for a minute, then curled up on the couch between the husband and wife, and went to sleep like it had lived there all its life.
Another was found just wandering around the lady's backyard, with no apparent purpose.

Director: Brenda Barringer
1106 Eldrige Lane
Ville Platte, LA
337 207-2468
A ferret rescue and education site for Acadiana and the surrounding areas in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. We are located in Ville Platte, La.

Our primary goals are to rescue abandoned and surrendered ferrets where they may be placed in loving forever homes while educating the public on ferrets and proper ferret care.
We will never separate bonded ferrets. Adoption is easy! Send us a message for details.

Dog & Cat Shelters in Louisianna

271 Plauche Street
New Orleans, LA 70123
Director: Charlotte Bass-Lilly
504 289-2777
Recording: 504 571-1900
Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit grassroots volunteer organization founded by Jane Garrison and two of her good friends. Involved in hands-on Katrina rescue in the greater New Orleans area, Jane was one of the first out-of-town persons on the scene at ‘rescue headquarters’ located at Lamar-Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, LA. Jane worked with hundreds of volunteers to rescue thousands of animals, and then Lamar-Dixon shut down in October 2005.

Jane was the catalyst in putting together a talented and committed team of volunteers and staff from around the country that worked to urgently assist displaced pets and their families… ARNO was formed in October 2005. Best Friends Animal Society also provided immeasurable support and shelter care to the ARNO animal relief effort between mid-October 2005 and through February 2006.

On February 1, 2006, locals gathered at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel to meet with Jane and transition the administration of ARNO to local hands. Charlotte Bass Lilly, a local New Orleanian and a known animal welfare figure, took the lead position from Jane and united a network of dedicated locals to continue the ardent work that Jane and legions of other tireless volunteers from across the nation had begun. Charlotte, too, was early on the scene at Lamar-Dixon, arriving directly behind the LA/SPCA animal control officers and working in water/land rescue under their direction. Today locals who are able, continue to assist in the daily operation of ARNO’s no-kill triage shelter, controlled feeding & trapping, TNR program, rescues, reunites, fosters and adoptions, in addition to hundreds of out-of-state volunteers. Out-of-state volunteers consistently provide volunteers on the ground, as well as assist with remote volunteer duties from the cities in which they reside. Non-profit volunteer organizations, as well as faith-based organization, also assist supplying volunteers to ARNO’s no-kill triage shelter. In addition high school and college students volunteer to fulfill community service hours required of them.