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Ferret Shelters in South Carolina

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Dog & Cat Shelters in South Carolina

Charles Dieterich
864 553-3281
Pet Haven of South Carolina (PHSC) is a non-profit organization located in Greenville, SC.

It is our mission to provide a safe haven for our community’s abused and abandoned cats and dogs, with the goal of rehabilitation and adoption into permanent loving homes. As a NO-KILL shelter, all animals accepted into the shelter remain under the stewardship of Pet Haven of South Carolina, until they are adopted. We will only consider euthanasia when recommended by a veterinarian to relieve an animal's suffering due to irreversible injury, illness or disease.

PHSC offers shelter, care and sanctuary at our NO-KILL facility for abandoned, abused and/or neglected felines and canines, as well as - if the need arises - other domestic animals as well as feral cats/stray dogs.

We provide a safe environment for animals that have endured starvation, neglect and/or physical abuse or abandonment. Each animal receives medical attention and daily positive human contact. We strive to rehabilitate each animal in the hopes that we can locate responsible, caring and loving forever homes.