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Ferret Shelters in Texas

P.O. Box 800503
Balch Springs, TX 75180
972 286-5778
We're saving lives, as many as we can.
Finding forever homes for our thieving friends.

Director: Jimi Hummel
League City, TX
281 332-4948
Director: Connie Gaddy
Manchaca, TX
512 636-5640
Welcome to Ferret Waystation and thanks for stopping by. We are a ferret rescue and shelter located in Central Texas, serving the Austin metro area including Travis County and Hays County. In addition, we are proud to be a part of the Town Lake Animal Shelter's Rescue Transfer Program.

Often ferret owners find that they can no longer care for their ferrets and the ferret is surrendered to the shelter. We also receive calls from individuals who find a stray ferret wandering in their yard. When this happens, every effort is made to find the ferret's owner. If the owner cannot be located, the ferret is placed for adoption.

Our shelter ferrets are seen by our vet, updated with rabies and distemper vaccinations, and tested for ADV prior to being placed for adoption. We also assess each ferret's behavior and personality to make sure they are placed in the best possible home. Our ferrets have already been homeless once, so we want to ensure the home we place them in is indeed their "forever home."

Director: Candi White
San Antonio, TX
210 661-9195
San Antonio Ferret Enthusiasts is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting, providing for and protecting the welfare of domestic ferrets. We provide many services for pet ferrets and their owners, including rescue, rehabilitation, adoptions, ferret sitting, products, education, legislative monitoring/advising, veterinary referrals, and emergency first aid care. Our rescue shelter and foster program is the only one of its kind in South Texas and cares for and finds homes for close to 100 ferrets per year.

Dog & Cat Shelters in Texas

2170 Old Sattler Rd
Startzville, Texas 78133
830 899-2527

In August of 1998, a group of four hosted a meeting to call on the community for help in establishing a no-kill animal shelter. Within six months we had property donated, pledges and donations. Our permanent shelter was erected by volunteer and donated help with the grand opening of the facility on January 20, 2001. Over 7,000 dogs and cats have been placed in loving, responsible homes, and we have reunited over 1,150 animals with their owners. Currently our shelter, built to hold around 80 dogs and cats, is home to up to 125 healthy, adoptable animals. It is a tribute to our community, and a statement of the great need for this project, that we have developed so quickly and accomplished so much.