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Ferret Shelters in Maine

429 Parker Farm Road
Buxton, ME 04093
207 727-6905
The Ferret Rescue of Maine (FROM) is a 501c3 state-licensed, non-profit rescue and no-kill shelter dedicated to serving the needs of the domestic ferret throughout the state, regardless of their age, health or political affiliation.

In addition to rescuing homeless ferrets, FROM also works with local pet stores to provide education seminar for ferret owners as well as people considering ferrets as an addition to their family, answering questions and offering free ear cleaning and nail clipping (for ferrets only!).

Not all ferrets are adoptable due to age or medical conditions. Those ferrets will live out their lives at the shelter, receiving love, care and medical attention, which can be extremely costly. If you are not in the position to add a ferret to your family, consider becoming a sponsor for one of those who are in hospice at F.R.O.M.

Ferret Rescue of Maine is run by Jim and Crystal Kennedy.

Director: Darryl Gagne
Dresden, ME
207 737-9107
Email: mannox at gmailcom

Dog & Cat Shelters in Maine

37 Market Street
North Berwick ME 03906
Another Chance Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to caring for homeless pets in our communities through adoptions, cruelty investigations, community awareness, fostering and caring for companion animals until loving homes can be found. We are now a "Wall Less" shelter. Our organization is now totally run by folks who generously volunteer their time, homes and hearts in order to help. Through our Foster Care program, animals have a safe, healthy "place to be" until loving homes can be found for them. The following is our official mission statement:

We believe that with some temporary assistance, many animals can remain in their current homes instead of being admitted to animal shelters.

We believe in helping pets and our county by providing temporary supplies of pet food to families suffering from unemployment, seniors on fixed incomes and families that are dealing with chronically illnesses where resources are tightly dedicated. These services may be made available from a pet food bank established for this specific purpose.

Adoption Hours: Saturday 10- 2