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Ferret Shelters in Maryland

Middle River, Maryland 21220
410 908-0249
Loving Arms Ferret Sanctuary is a small forever home for the ferret that may not otherwise have one.

Our Mission is to work with local ferret shelters in order to place ferrets who may not be able to be adopted out for what ever reason. These ferrets will remain here at the sanctuary under my care for the remainder of their lives.

Columbia, MD
A 501(c)(3)non-profit organization, The Inn has been providing shelter for ferrets since 1999. We have placed over 1000 ferrets in the past fourteen years. The Ferret Inn prides itself on the level of medical care, nurturing, enrichment, and the ability to place the right ferret with the right owner. The Ferret Inn is glad to open its doors to your individual ferret needs. Our goal is to provide homeless ferrets with a temporary loving environment while they await adoption. While with us, the ferrets not only receive medical care but they also experience a positive nurturing environment.

832C Falls Rd
Parkton, MD 21120
By appointment only: 410 329-6111
Rocky's Ferret Rescue was established for the education of the safety and welfare of the domestic ferret (Mustela Furo) by educating the staff of veterinarians and pet shops through classes, and to acquaint the public with the genuine qualities and the total care of the ferret as a pet; to discourage backyard breeding that is detrimental to the ferret. Our shelter, Rocky's Ferret Rescue and Shelter, will screen all applicants for adoption for permanent placement to the best of our ability. To receive and restore to health those ferrets in need.

Dog & Cat Shelters in Maryland

8556 Davis Road
Columbia, Md 21045
410 465-4350
We are Howard County's first premier shelter.

Hours: Mon: 8-3 Tues: 10-2 (vaccine clinic) Wed:8-3 Thurs: 8-3 6-8 (vaccine clinic) Fri: CLOSED Sat: 10-2 (adoptions)

PO Box 403
Chesapeake City, MD 21915

All too often, perfectly lovable, well trained dogs are lost or abandoned, and find themselves in an overcrowded shelter facing euthanasia. Local SPCA's have served communities for years by taking in strays, kenneling them, and encouraging the public to adopt these homeless animals.

But not all animals get adopted. Unfortunately, the S.P.C.A. can not control the rate at which the community adopts pets and sometimes even the best animals have to be destroyed simply because of lack of room. There are so many wonderful dogs that do not get a second chance....

Ginny Suarez, a member of Board of Directors at the Cecil County S.P.C.A. for almost twenty years, took the humanitarian efforts of the S.P.C.A. to a new level by founding Paws for Life, Inc.

It started years ago when Fouga, one of Ginny's favorite dogs at the shelter, was about to be put down. Ginny took Fouga to her veterinarian, had her spayed and vaccinated and then proceeded to find her a loving home. Since then, hundreds of successful placements have been made.