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The actual definition of “politics” specifically references government. However, today’s overall perception of the word “politics” – as lies and misinformation, also the deliberate twisting of facts so profoundly that the statements given are often the opposite of truth – fits SeaWorld to a T.


Good news first!

October 9, 2015

California Coastal Commission approved SeaWorld’s plan to double the size of its orca habitat, but with the provision that all captive breeding in California ceases and prohibits sale, trade, or transfer of all captive orcas. In other words, the 11 orcas currently held captive at SeaWorld San Diego will be the last ones in California! Read more…


While this falls far short of the sea pen retirement that we humans owe to orcas and does nothing to ease current captive suffering, it does ensure that we will soon see the end of orca slavery – in California.


I mentioned SeaWorld politics, didn’t I? True to its foul, deceitful, manipulative, dishonest, and unethical history, SeaWorld issued a statement saying it was disappointed with the condition on breeding and would carefully review and consider their options.


SeaWorld followed with this amazing series of words: “Breeding is a natural, fundamental and important part of an animal’s life and depriving a social animal of the right to reproduce is inhumane.”

Yes. The same SeaWorld that denigrated world renown marine biologists’ unequivocal assertion that stealing orca babies from the wild was harmful due to the orcas highly social nature – now acknowledges that social nature, but only insofar as it can be twisted to make rape and other vaginal violations not only acceptable, but also the only “humane” approach as well! Read more from CNN…

While we celebrate this victory for cetaceans, let us not forget that sea pen retirement continues to be our reasonable goal. Before freedom rings for them, no doubt many more will close their eyes to dream a little dream of freedom – only to slip away, never to awaken again. However, those who die as slaves will not do so due to lack of efforts on our part!

Educate. Advocate. Empty the Tanks!

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