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About PawsTalk

Mission Statement

Paws is not a rescue or defense organization and does not claim authorship of information presented. Our entire purpose is to help publicize the efforts of those who work to rescue and defend and the need for those efforts.

Note to rescue and defense organizations promoted on Paws

PawsTalk is created via a custom design of WordPress. Sometimes when WordPress updates, all or most links to you that use images default to the image location on this server. Please know that all efforts are made to update those links to lead to you as originally intended.



PawsTalk images

Many of the originals of images used here at PawsTalk come directly from the public domain.  Other images from sources such as YouTube promotions of souls in need of rescue or directly from defense and conservation organizations – kept with the link info from those sources and there to help identify them and promote their efforts.  Some images, I feel I have seen promoted in the past by one advocacy group or another, but current searches did not find their source. All such images from currently unidentified sources have been altered to lend visual aids to information posted.


Most images used to illustrate article or info pages were originally photos and have been redrawn as caricatures or silhouettes. If there are any illustrative images posted at PawsTalk that were recreated from photos belonging to any person or organization, but do not have that source cited, please contact Paws. The image will be immediately removed if you choose or source cited. There is no intent to usurp the work of others.


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