Free captive Orcas!







Dear SeaWorld


I learned so much about

the physiology and social interaction of monkeys

from this experience!



What an education!


I will be forever changed and enlightened by this experience!


Point made?





Captive Cetaceans provides information on:

  • Orcas Who died in Captivity
  • Lolita the Orca
  • Keiko the Orca
  • Must-see educational film links
  • Lists marine parks who buy from the Taiji drive hunts
  • How You Can Help

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Known as Killer Whales, orcas are the largest of the dolphin family.

Sentient, intelligent, self-aware creatures living in conditions destined to rob them of hope and health, possibly sanity. Every dollar spent at marine parks ensures that these souls will never find release short of death. Learn more. Step up. Stand up.










44 years in captivity, Lolita and her family still recognize each other’s vocalizations.

Afraid to become involved? Just don’t buy a ticket. If nothing else is invested other than the firm and irrevocable commitment to never buy a ticket to a marine park that maintains captive orcas and other dolphins, you have helped to make a difference!




Get to know Lolita

Lolita’s family spends most of their time in Washington’s Puget Sound and British Columbia waters. Lolita is a member of the L pod family of killer whales protected by the Endangered Species Act.


If pictures are worth a thousand words, videos will make you feel her suffering.


The next step is to volunteer the facts of captive suffering to others. This helps to make a difference!


Separation of mothers and babies

Most marine parks swear they do not separate mothers from babies. In the wild, they never separate. Never!


Blue Voice

February 2007 is the tenth anniversary of the horrific capture of ten orca at Taiji, Japan. The pod of ten was brutalized. Five females and young were taken. The remaining five males were pushed out to sea. The pod will eventually die out as they have lost reproductive capacities. is working to stop these atrocities.

Many sorrows, we have heaped upon you, Tilikum


It’s past time that we made things right!



A mother’s screams of anguish



Ready to do more?

Email legislators. Submit short editorials to the newspapers. Submit a comment on a news article online. This helps to make a difference. Visit defense and conservation websites and learn more; see how you can help to end a very ugly bit of human misbehavior.

Visit the Animal Legal Defense Fund to learn more!

Learn more from The Oregonian.

Learn more from Orca Network.

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