This is why we fight!

WARNING: Extremely disturbing content!

THIS is who we FIGHT! This is one of the kinds of people we are up against!


We should be alarmed at the clear joy and excitement of these people while urging their dogs to rip apart wounded animals who can no longer run, can no longer fight. They lie there and scream as their flesh is ripped apart. How can this be considered ‘hunting’ by any wild stretch of the imagination?


Apparently, the one thing all serial killers have in common is animal torture. The thing that should truly disturb us is that these people are our neighbors, co-workers…possibly even family or friends. You won’t know unless they are caught.


Do note that this is common practice of hound hunters in ‘training’ their dogs. They use coyotes, wolves, and bears to teach their dogs to rip the animals apart. In fact, in many states that allow hound hunting, if the dog is killed, the state compensates the owner. This is dog fighting – taxpayer subsidized – of the worst kind and should be illegal nationwide.




Michigan Live – reported by John Barnes on January 15, 2015.


Criminal charges are authorized against two Upper Peninsula hunters accused of urging hunting dogs to attack a wounded coyote and videotaping the animal screaming as his body is ripped apart. The two men are from Ironwood and face felony and misdemeanor charges.


One hunter faces a count of killing/torturing animals, which is a four-year felony offense. He also faces four misdemeanor counts with penalties ranging from 90  to 93 days in jail.


The second hunter faces one felony count of killing/torturing animals and a misdemeanor count.


Ironically, you hear the one hunter comment that the coyote is beautiful – and you hear the unmistakable sound of excitement and joy in his voice as the animal is torn apart; his wails of agony appear to egg on the hunters.





These young people have not yet been found

In the event that anyone recognizes these people and vehicles, pics are provided.


In the event that any law enforcement needs the video, the original is saved in Paws files.


Suspect Male suspect





Female suspect female suspect Female suspect


Male suspect brownJacket Suspects Male suspect Male suspect Male suspect Male suspect

Suspect's truck Suspect truck Suspect truck


Editor’s note

I’m disgusted to say that there will be more examples of this sick, depraved behavior posted eventually. I believe it’s critical that the public becomes aware of what kinds of people are fighting against animal conservation and defense. You need to know exactly who it is that is filling the Internet and their friends’ ears with misinformation intended to generate anxiety and aggression that can be used to support hounding… trapping and snaring… and the extermination of apex predators that are essential to a healthy ecosystem.


Due to the extreme nature of this content and the toll taken by research of such wanton and joyful cruelty, this section of PawsTalk is updated the least. A single video and news report should be sufficient to open eyes and get the public involved!…but more will follow lest you dismiss what you see as an aberration.

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