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In recognition of those who risk all to save lives. May we each follow in your footsteps!


Three juvenile dolphins in Northbay on the Isle of Barra. One of the dolphins was completely trapped in seaweed and shallow water. After a successful rescue the dolphin joined the other two for a fine display of thanks! Rescue was performed by a group from Clearwater Paddling.





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Rescue by The Caretakers




Rescue – with unexpected help

A dolphin who made a New Zealand bay her home helped a group of conservationists on Monday to save a couple of stranded whales.

Malcolm Smith from the Mahia Beach conservation department rushed to the beach to rescue a female whale and her calf stuck in the shallow waters.

Smith: “They became more distressed as time wore on.”

For more than an hour and a half, Smith and his friends did their best to save the whales.


Smith: “I was about the give up and usually when that happens the whales stay on the beach and we have to take the stress away from the situation.”

But then, Moko, the dolphin appeared in the water.

Smith: “She came directly to where we were and established contact and immediately those two whales seemed to relax.”

Within minutes Moko had acquainted herself with the whales and led them to safety.

Smith: “She did in a few minutes what we had actually been totally ineffective in doing over an hour and a half.”

Mahia Beach is a hot spot for beached whales, where every year up to 30 stranding incidents happen.

However, the dolphin rescue was a first and was a surprise for everyone.

Smith:  “This is a one of the first recorded instance for something like this happening.”

Smith says that since the rescue, the whales haven’t been spotted, but Moko came back to the beach and joined in games with local residents.


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