Orcas Free & Wild

Orcas – the largest dolphin

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is expected to help humans connect with what is real in the natural world.

Enjoy. Learn. Share. Teach. Take a stand!




Delphine continues to learn

Frightened of being stranded since her recent escape, Delphine must be urged by the family to learn to deliberately beach herself to hunt seals.


Warning: In the natural world, there are no supermarkets for obtaining food. Prey is hunted and killed. The tools available are teeth. The alternative is starvation. In particular, when elders are teaching young ones to hunt, prey may be crippled before killed and consumed. While the distress of the prey can be disturbing…this is the basic nature of life in the wild.


Three important points to remember:

  1. Science teaches us that if a predator in the wild actually could obtain sustenance from a grocer, they would not have the option of choosing non-meat food sources.
  2. If we, whose gentle hearts do cringe at the sight and sound of prey in distress – eat meat in our own lives – we eat what was alive and killed for us by others.
  3. Being omnivores, humans can choose to live without meat. Physiologically limited in this regard, wild predators cannot.




Jean-Michel Cousteau: Orcas

The ocean takes care of us, let’s return the favor!



…and i find it kinda funny
i find it kinda sad
the dreams in which i’m dying
are the best i’ve ever had…

Contrast wild and free to the reality of captivity that we, the People of this world allow…


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