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Each image is linked to – and belongs to – its publishing site along with the info they provide. If a picture is worth a thousand words, these are worth a thousand tears – along with a thousand raised voices and fists demanding an end to all trapping and snaring in this country!


Steel jaw leghold traps torture and kill thousands of animals each year, including domesticated cats and dogs as well as endangered species. Trapped animals have three choices:

  • Chew off their leg
  • Bleed, freeze, or starve to death
  • Wait to be dispatched by the trapper


Those animals lucky enough to survive this horror will not live long in the wild and if captured, are euthanized.


The United Kingdom outlawed these cruel traps in 1958. Almost one hundred other countries have followed suit on the grounds that leghold traps are inhumane and a danger to pets, livestock, and the unwary.



One of the lucky ones! Rescued instead of savagely choked to death by its own struggles to escape.

Fortunate enough to break the wire, yet starving slowly to death. Many thanks to rescuers who saved this life!


Rescue! Snared bear




Visit Fur-bearer Defenders to learn more and take a stand against trapping





Trapped fox - help ForceChange ban traps




Help WildEarth Guardians ban traps


January 22, 2015

From KTOO Public Media

Bald Eagle mutilated in trap - euthanized


Juneau resident, Kathleen Adair, faced charges for tampering with traps when she freed an American bald eagle from multiple traps!  Knowing it would be dark soon and she was two miles from the road, Kathleen spent an hour freeing the eagle.  She knew if it was left for another night, it would die and said, “…one of the legs was just dangling, just completely broken…”


As soon as she had signal on her cell phone, she called the local Raptor Center; the eagle was taken immediately to a vet in Juneau where it was later euthanized.

Learn more:

Alaska woman frees American bald eagle from trap – cited for trap tampering

Hiker who freed trapped eagle faced charges



Reported by MPR News, Minnesota

Image owned by the Raptor Center

Image owned by the Raptor Center


Traps are indiscriminate. The number of Bald Eagles, the symbol of American freedom, that must be euthanized from trap injuries is outrageous! If this is how we protect our national symbol, is it any wonder that we allow the destruction of other ecologically essential wildlife? Many who support trapping do so while loudly claiming it as an American right. How can you wave the flag while caring nothing about destroying the symbol of our nation? These are incompatible mindsets.




Help WildEarth Guardians ban traps





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