Orca – Morgan

Morgan’s Story

The story of Morgan the orca has captured the world with a sense of dismay and injustice. Despite a viable release plan  put forward by over 30 experts, a Judge in the Netherlands ruled that Morgan should go to Loro Parque, a theme park in Tenerife.


Screen shot 2014-08-09 at 5.17.41 PMMorgan is a young female orca who was taken from the wild in June 2010. She was dramatically underweight but otherwise not ill. She was captured by an ‘abusement’ park who had a permit to rescue her on the condition she was released back to the ocean as soon as possible.


This did not happen. Morgan was put ‘on show’ to the public within weeks of her ‘rescue’. It became clear that she was worth money to the park. Furthermore, given that she is the first wild-caught orca to come into captivity in 25 years, they know that she is vital to their breeding program.


The Free Morgan Foundation was formed to get Morgan back to her family in Norway. Now she has been transported to another ‘abusement’ park, this one in Spain, called Loro Parque. There, she is bullied, attacked and harassed. She has to perform in shows and the adult male tries to mate with her, when she is still a pre-teen.


Morgan’s chance is the upcoming court case for her freedom.





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