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How to help? Don’t shop – Adopt!

Images are current dogs waiting for their forever home. Click images to visit the organizations on Facebook that are dedicated to finding a loving home for each loving dog. These are only a few examples and they may not be available by the time you check. Look through the rescue organizations’ current photos and read about those who will have taken their place in line – waiting for you!

Each image is linked to the organization working hard to find these babies homes.

Donovan - Cocker Spaniel Rescue


Donovan – Learn more at Cocker Spaniel Rescue on Facebook


More likely than not, the dog, cat, or ferret that you buy at the pet store came from a pet mill. They were likely raised in cages. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of animals, living their entire lives in cage after tiny cage, never knowing the touch of caring hands. Often living in painful, filthy conditions without decent medical care despite sometimes grievous health conditions and injuries. It’s cheaper to toss it in the disposal pile than to get it medical help!




Jake - Cocker Spaniel Rescue

The rare ones come from what are often called ‘back-yard breeders’ and might, if they are lucky enough, have had a home to grow up in, but most are the results of the above described pet mills or heartless breeders who follow pet mill procedures.


“How can I help?” you ask? Don’t shop. Adopt! Wait; you want a puppy? Check the county/state animal shelters. Check volunteer no-kill shelters. They have puppies. Oh, but you want a pure- bred? Check the shelters. They have more pure-bred pets than you might expect. And while you’re there, please have just a look at the adults. Have a look at the mixed breeds. Also, please do not overlook a loving pet simply because their fur is pure black! (Did you know that black pets have a hard time getting adopted?) Whatever superstition or accident of thought causes this phenomena, think of it differently – pure black fur makes this pet unusual, different, rare! What a find! How lucky you are to have the love of a rescued pet! Ask anyone who has had the experience and they will tell you that rescued pets somehow know that you saved them. They are clearly grateful. So grateful, in fact, that they will graciously allow us to continue believing that we rescued them – when it is clearly the other way around. Go to a rescue shelter and let a fur baby rescue you. Be golden.



Doberman Rescue Alliance Wisconsin

“How can I help?” you ask? Spay or neuter your pets. Yes, it can be expensive. Many shelters and counties will periodically offer very low cost neutering. Contact your local shelter and ask. If you don’t get an answer, contact another. Still having trouble? Consider adding rescue shelters to your Facebook ‘like’ pages so you will hear about the reduced cost events right away. And – it looks like there’s a discount on pet insurance until sometime around March 1, 2014 here.






“How can I help?” you ask? Volunteer at a shelter. You receive more than you can give. Take the rescues for a walk. Play with them. Simply sit with them in your arms. Shelters always have a need, as well, for volunteers to help feed and clean cages and kennels.


Yonkers Animal Rescue - Bomber Yonkers Animal Rescue – Paris has been adopted! Please check current Yonkers rescues for more beautiful and loving dogs looking for their forever home!

Here is what Yonkers volunteers had to say: Drum roll please. Pop the corks. Break out the dancing shoes!!! Our beloved Paris has left the building. ADOPTED. You know her story…Paris came from Poland with her family, only to be left at a shelter when they didn’t find a dog friendly apt…Here she languished for way too many months. But that all changed today Paris has the most awesome new family and we will admit happy tears were shed today as she left the building. Her face just lit up! She knew life from here on in was forever changed. A huge thank you to all of you who shared her story. She finally has a happy ending.


“How can I help?” you ask? Every year at tax time, people are looking to donate to worthy causes. Consider making a donation to a rescue shelter.


“How can I help?” you ask? Donate useable items to a shelter. Serviceable blankets and towels are a god-send. Cleaning supplies are a blessing. Pet food is a mercy. Toys are a special delight to a pet who is all alone and still dreaming of having a home.


Rescue Me Ohio

“How can I help?” you ask? Many shelters now adopt across state lines to open more doors to their rescues. Transportation is usually arranged by volunteers. Have a trip planned? Why not see if there is a pet who needs a ride to her new home? Volunteers offer to shoulder the burden of short legs of the trip – or long. Working together, a home is reached.



“How can I help?” you ask? Don’t turn a blind eye to a pet in need. If you see suffering, whether abuse or neglect, call someone. If you don’t get results, call someone else. Take a stand. Say out loud that there will be no more, that you will do whatever you can to ease suffering around you. Now that you’ve said it out loud, follow Captain Picard’s admonition and “Make it so!”


Need help finding shelters?

Cocker Spaniel Rescue

Many volunteers search for rescue shelters as well as veterinary info to share with you. You can start at Paws Across the Nation. Lists reviewed, compiled and uploaded regularly. If you have an immediate need and do not see a shelter or veterinarian listed near you, feel welcome to contact Paws.



Chihuahua Rescue Midwest


Westside German Shepherd Rescue


Great Pyreneese Rescue of Atlanta


French Bulldog - Last Chance Rescue


Guardian Pit Bull Rescue


Great Dane Rescue, Inc


Doberman Rescue Alliance of Wisconsin


 Support Rescue Operations

Castaways rescues traumatized dogs and humans at the same time! Amazing program with great success! Videos on site. Please visit and learn more.

Castaways rescues traumatized dogs and humans at the same time!

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