Arizona Dolphin Torture!

Stop Dolphinaris!



Dolphinaris Arizona opening this summer with captive dolphins!


According to the WDC, aquarium officials originally announced that they would not be holding whales or dolphins in captivity.  Officials specifically stated that they would not include whales and dolphins at their facility because “you need larger facilities for that and there’s a lot of controversy, and there’s no need.”


Yet here they are – spamming social media with ads pretending that their primary mission is to educate the public and motivate people to do everything they can to defend and conserve dolphins!  I’m motivated already! Motivated to expose the unbelievable tripe spewed by Dolphinaris officials! It won’t take much effort. After all, in one sentence their ads claim to be cetacean saviors spearheading conservation efforts and in the same paragraph they describe their “swim with dolphins” in the desert attractions!


Learn more about these new monsters:



Dolphins in the Desert – What’s Wrong With This Picture? – Jan 2016, WDC


Excerpt: Perhaps most troubling is that Dolphinaris owns dolphins that were acquired from tragic wild captures in the Solomon Islands. These brutal captures lead to stronger laws protecting marine mammals in Mexico after a public outcry over 28 of the 200 dolphins captured in 2003 were shipped to Parque Nizuc and several died enroute or shortly thereafter.


Dolphinaris currently owns dolphins from the original Parque Nizuc population. These dolphins could ultimately find their way into this facility despite the regulatory challenges facing such an import.

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Fox News

Excerpt: The plan will bring around a dozen dolphins to the desert.  Their home will be a million gallon tank located off the Loop 101 and Via De Ventura with construction set to finish in the summer.

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In spite of clear evidence that dolphins do not do well in captivity – in spite of marine biologists from all over the world explaining the reasons why dolphins suffer in captivity, general manager, Gray Stafford wants us to believe that Dolphinaris has some sort of magical potion to enable dolphins to flourish – in the same tanks that have been shown to drive cetaceans insane as well as subject them to multiple chronic illnesses AND their ‘magic’ will work even in the desert sun and heat.  According to Fox, Stafford says, “Because they do so well in human care, Phoenix is a perfect destination, we have some 5 million residents and tourists each year, so it’s a great audience to reach out and educate and inspire young people of all ages about the need to protect and preserve our ocean.”



Who lives in or near Scottsdale, Arizona? Who is organizing massive protests?


We are not sure yet, but will update as soon as more info is found!  Meantime, contact news media, contact city officials, contact Dolphinaris.  Contact info will be made available ASAP!


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