Dolphins - mother and child, wild and free

PawsTalk Wildlife Defense

PawsTalk Primary Mission is Dual Purpose


Companion Animal Rescue                             Wildlife Defense


While Paws Across the Nation focuses on providing a centralized location for information about  rescue shelters, veterinary locations, and a resource for pet transport volunteers  –  PawsTalk is devoted to activism. Companion animals, wildlife, and livestock animals as well – each face troubling threats that simply must be addressed if we are to continue to name ourselves as human. It is hoped that the joining of these two major efforts will benefit those who cannot speak for themselves.


Wildlife Defense and Rescue


As we face the threatening Sixth Extinction Event, we have the privilege and duty to defend wildlife and the means by which to avoid our own destruction.


Learn. Become involved. Make necessary changes in our own lives to save our planet!


A quote from an old movie, Star Man, makes a profound statement about humans.


Starman speaking to a human: Shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you?
You are at your very best when things are worst.


Will you help?




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